Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympics and Exams....

Congratulations to all our Olympians who represented us in London - you did us proud! Something that impacted on me was their faith in God and the significance of family in their lives. Their faith was at one with their daily activities and that faith was with them throughout the Olympics.

During the events they always acknowledged a greater presence in their lives. Katie Taylor, thanked “everyone for their prayers” and declared, she is “nothing without God.” What role models our athletes are for us!

Our students are now receiving their Leaving Certificate results. We wish all of them well. We rejoice with those who are happy with their results and we share in the disappointment of those who have not performed as they had hoped.

Like our Olympians be inspired by the power of God. God has a place in the Divine Plan for everyone.

I pray that all of our students may be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and find their own unique path, their vocation, in life.