Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New statue of Jesus...

Last week at our Soul Food discernment evening in Dublin we discussed images of God. The most revealing image of God is, of course, Jesus Christ.

Then, I came across this...It's very thought provoking. Read the article here.

Would you like this statue of Jesus in your local parish?

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Here's a really beautiful poem I came across this week...

It's "Call" written by Michael Ruddy ss.cc.

You were playing games with me
My God
That you could not let me know
In simple language
That you needed me
To do your work?

Was it too much to ask
For one single sign
That would
Without a shadow of a doubt
Have kept me from worry
And from wondering if
It was right to leave my shore
That I could see
                and hear
                and fee
For other shores
That were not my own?

I called out to you
In desperation you said that
Yes I would be happy
To do whatever
You asked of me
But let me know now!
I need to know now.
Could you not see my tears?

Of course you heard
And answered me
In the tears of others
Who called for help
                a touch
                a smile.