Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Commitment and Perseverance

Yesterday, I was at a very moving celebration at our Mother House - Mount St Joseph, in Cork city.
It was our annual Celebration of Jubilees.

What's that all about I hear you say! Well, each August we remember the Brothers who, that year, are marking a significant anniversary of the day when they first made their religious vows.

This year, for example, we had one Platinum Jubilarian - that means he made his first profession as a Presentation Brother in 1944 - 70 years ago - long before I (and you too, I imagine) was even born!

Four Brothers marked their Diamond Jubilees (60 years of religious life) and two Brothers celebrated their Golden Jubilees.

We gathered to pray with them and for them. You can read an account of the Jubilee Mass on our website .

What struck me most about these men was their ability to persevere in their commitment to God. I'm sure they had difficult and challenging days and here they are; 50, 60, 70 years of fidelity later. Such a beautiful thing.

Life as a religious brother involves a vow of poverty but it is a life rich with meaning and experiences.

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