Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Emmanuel 2010 - Here's my answer...

The Emmanuel music festival project is taking place at the Helix in Dublin this week.

Time Allowed: several years

Question 1
[20 marks]

What will you do with your life?
This is the text of an advert I placed in the programme for the music festival, Emmanuel, taking place in Dublin this week.
The young people attending will be asking themselves the question "what will I do with my life?" many times over the coming years.
I just want to show that one of the ways, among many, in which one can find great happiness, challenge and peace is religious life.
On this blog I'm trying to give readers some idea of what I do and why I do it as a religious brother.
Even though those who attend Emmanuel will, for the most part be secondary school students, and would be far too young to enter religious life anytime soon, my message is this: think about it as something for your future. Don't rule it out. It might be for you....
And always remember - this way of life is more than a career.
It's a vocation.

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