Friday, September 24, 2010

Back from England and down to earth...

The tricolour flies high over our group in Hyde Park

I've just returned from a break in England which coincided with the Papal Visit. I went to see the Holy Father in Hyde Park along with 85,000 others! It was an incredible occasion. We waited for almost four hours before he arrived but everyone was good humoured and patient.

During the vigil itself, the atmosphere of prayer was remarkable. During Benediction, you could hear a pin drop. It was a very moving liturgy.

Pope Benedict had some words of support for young people including an appeal for vocations:

"Dear young friends: only Jesus knows what “definite service” he has in mind for you. Be open to his voice resounding in the depths of your heart: even now his heart is speaking to your heart. Christ has need of families to remind the world of the dignity of human love and the beauty of family life. He needs men and women who devote their lives to the noble task of education, tending the young and forming them in the ways of the Gospel. He needs those who will consecrate their lives to the pursuit of perfect charity, following him in chastity, poverty and obedience, and serving him in the least of our brothers and sisters. "

The Pope's visit is now widely regarded as a huge success. You can see video of the the Hyde Park Vigil on the wonderful website

With David in Hyde Park

Spot the Irish...with Andrew in Hyde Park

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