Friday, March 25, 2011

A Brother's Work is Never Done...

Doing a job I never did before...
The Presentation Brothers here in Dublin are very involved in our local parish, St Joseph's Glasthule.

Br Majella helps out in the sacristy and I assist at weekends with the family mass group. All of the Brothers in our community attend mass daily in the church.
At the moment, I'm helping out with preparations for a little party scheduled for the end of Lent for the children of the parish. Today that involved painting strips of paper onto balloons...don't ask...
All I know is that these are the very small ways that as a Brother I help other people. Sometimes trivial tasks like these slow us down a little and help us to reflect on the idea of service- of giving our time for others in small ways.
Giving our time to others in small ways is a big part of being a Brother.

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