Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday’s liturgy is about vocation. Each of us has a unique personal vocation: an invitation from God to be someone, to do something, for others with my life. Am I truly listening and willing to respond generously to the Lord…? This is beautifully expressed in Cardinal Newman’s prayer:

“God has created me to do him some definite service.
He has committed some work to me
which he has not committed to another.

I have a mission. I am a link in a chain.
He has not created me for naught.
I shall do his work…therefore I shall trust him.

Whatever, wherever I am, I can never be thrown away.
If I am in sickness, my sickness will serve him.
If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve him.
He does nothing in vain. He knows what he is about.

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