Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent begins...

Lent begins today, Ash Wednesday. Many people set themselves goals to lose weight and get fit. Lent is a time for us to get spiritually fit. If you're discerning your vocation in life, this is very important (and very helpful).
Lent is about putting God - not ourselves and our ego - at the centre of our lives. It's about honestly recognising our sinfulness and doing penance.
This is an important time of year for anyone who is discerning a religious vocation. You might be tempted to take a consumerist approach - browsing through websites and catalogues, wondering what religious order is the best fit for you. However, in Lent, the focus should be on God - the author of your vocation. Shift the focus from you choosing to God who calls.
If you're serious about discerning then this is a great opportunity to start some practices and habits; the habit of daily prayer, of daily Mass, of daily Scripture reading, of helping people around you...
In the words of a famous advertising slogan, just do it

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