Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exam time!

I'm sure many of you who follow this blog are preparing (or are in the middle of) exams these days.

Know that you are remembered in the Brothers' daily prayers during these weeks.

Here's a simple prayer I found which might help...

Loving God, as I begin my exams,
Help me to stay focused,
Help me to study with dedication and vigour,
Give me a clear mind to perform to the best of my ability,
Grant me the calmness to process the knowledge I have obtained.
Let me sleep peacefully at night, so that I am refreshed and renewed.
Be with me, loving God, during these days.
During the moments when I want to quit and give up, please sustain me.
Holy Spirit, guide me during times of trouble.
Protect me from feelings of anxiety and frustration.
Help me be satisfied with the work I have done.
And guide me in Your ways into the future.

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