Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet the NET Ministry Team in Cork.

NET Ministry (National Evangelisation Team) is an international voluntary movement consisting of teams of young adults. Their mission is to share faith through personal witness of God’s love for them and invite young people with whom they engage to get to know God’s love for them in their lives. They do this by giving of their time, nine months possibly in another country as a NET Missionary. It was a privilege to meet with the local Net Team here in Cork for lunch in Mt. St. Joseph today.

The NET Ministry volunteers spend six weeks in preparation for their mission sharing their own faith journey and building team relationships. They engage with thousands of youth each year in schools and parishes throughout Ireland and elsewhere. A team of five work here in St. Mary’s, Pope’s Quay and in the Sacred Heart Parish, Western Rd. They use the Presentation Brothers Youth Centre for some of their daily and evening activities. The Team members are: Lizzy from Australia, Pierce from Ireland, Stephanie from Canada, Sarah from USA and Jacob from Canada. They are here in Cork ‘til May 2016.   

Their ministry is to Parish groups as well as visiting schools, facilitating retreats and engaging with youth. They also initiate Sunday morning Family Programmes in their associate parishes. They work with young adults from their Parish to prepare them with the necessary skills to continue the programs once the NET Team departs. They are a lovely, inspirational and happy bunch of young people and well worth getting to know.

(Should you wish to speak with the team, you can email them at Corknetteam@gmail.com) 




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