Monday, January 18, 2016

Looking for a New Challenge!

Four Presentation Brothers Novices with Brs. Martin & Barry.

Vocations Ireland is delighted to have recently received a grant from Conrad Hilton Foundation. As a member of the executive of vocations Ireland, it gives us the opportunity to plan and develop new programmes towards the growth in understanding of the call to religious life and ultimately to a growth in vocations. Vocations Ireland is an association of vocation directors of religious orders in Ireland. We work to present religious life, apostolic, missionary and contemplative, as a life choice that is one way of following Christ and bringing deeper meaning and purpose to life.

We have a tentative plan for the first half of 2016. It includes a programme for vocations promotion, media training for vocation directors, discernment programmes for those interested in religious life through initiatives such as Samuel Groups, ExploreAway residential week-ends and spiritual accompaniment. 

We hope to have new initiatives to address vocation promotion in schools, information and reflection days for religious education teachers and youth leaders to help them understand something about religious congregations in Ireland, the ministries in which they are engaged in and the meaning of a call to religious life today.

Responding to Pope Francis invitation to religious Brothers and Sisters to ‘wake up the world’, it is right and fitting that we celebrate consecrated life and invite men and women to join us in celebrating and offering a response to Pope Francis invitation for 2016 to be a Holy Year of Mercy highlighting the Catholic Church’s mission to be a witness of mercy in the missionary life of the Church.

If you are considering a vocation to religious life, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email at your convenience;    

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