Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life after the Leaving!

The Leaving Cert results were issued during the week. The newspapers were full of the tremendous achievements of those who received a string of A1s. Congratulations on such wonderful achievements! But let’s keep a perspective on things and not forget those who just did OK and are in the majority.

The results came out during the Olympic Games in Rio and I think the games in a way reflect the consolation and desolation felt by some students – the Usain Bolts, Michael Phelps, Annalise Murphys, the O’Donovan brothers and others but what about the many who crashed out in the first round or limped home mid-field?

The focus this week should really be on the students who felt the sting of disappointment when they received their results – and I imagine they were many.

I want to say to you, things will be better and brighter; that life is more than the Leaving Cert. Flashes of brilliance will come but not in the places you expect them. Life is far more various than we can ever imagine.

Jesus said that there are two roads we can follow. The first is wide and easy to travel. It is downhill most of the way. It is the way of comfort and ease, pleasure and self-seeking. Many are fooled and travel down this road. But in the long run it leads them nowhere. They die in the desert. The second road is narrow and difficult. It s uphill a lot of the way. It is the way of struggle and sacrifice. Few take this road, but they are the lucky ones. This road leads to the Promised Land.

I hope and pray that you will all find joy, hope and fulfilment in whatever road God shows you in your life.    

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