Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

It takes only a few moments of reflection to realise that I have to love something really deeply to bring it back from the dead. It is self-hatred and disregard for others that keeps our world the way it is. It is a lack of care on the part of some that imprisons communities and even nations into endless cycles of poverty, neglect, starvation, unemployment and hopelessness.

If I love sufficiently, our seas and waterways would be clean again, stars would reappear, trees would be healthy and green. Moreover, the strained relationships in families, work-places, offices and schools, the strange distances between colleagues and family members need only a smile or a word of love and acceptance to be healed. Who can love enough to resurrect our world and all who dwell in it?

The only great love that can deal with all this is to focus on the Easter celebration. It is God’s immense love for Jesus, the Christ.  God demonstrated boundless love and affection for Jesus in a resurrection. Jesus is swept up by God’s immense love and stands alive with a new kind of life, proclaiming peace and acceptance to all his friends, even to those who had denied and deserted him in his greatest need. Jesus associates us with himself and elicits from God the same kind of creative love that God has for him.

Best wishes to you all for a blessed and peace-filled Easter!

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