Thursday, January 14, 2010

Provincial Business

The Anglo Irish Province Leadership Team
(left to right: Br Barry, Br Walter and me!)

As well as being a good name for a race horse, "Provincial Business" is what I'm up to these days.

I'm a member of the Province Leadership Team of the Anglo Irish Province of the Presentation Brothers. That's a bit of a mouthful, so what does it mean.

First of all, the Presentation Brothers congregation is divided into three Provinces (or districts):

Anglo Irish, West Africa and Our Lady of the Americas.

Each Province has its own Leadership Team. Here in Ireland there are three of us on the team. Br Walter is the Province Leader (my boss) and Br Barry Stanton is the Deputy Province Leader.

We meet once per month and discuss issues arising in the Province which covers Ireland, England and Slovakia. The meetings are quite intensive and I'm usually tired returning to Dublin afterwards.

Being in a leadership role is a big responsibility but it's also a great privilege to serve in this way.

It's just another feature of religious life.


  1. You are a real blogging Brother! You are trying very hard to sew the seed, well done. Are you tempted at all to use twitter or facebook? Best of kuck in your most challenging work at this time in Ireland...people like you left behind are the real missionaries. Trust, the seed will grow again.

  2. Greetings from the 'Our Lady of the Americas' part of the equation.
    Congratulations on this new effort at communication.