Thursday, February 4, 2010

Follow the Leader...

With Br Martin, our Congregation Leader, at Mount St Joseph in Cork

Last week I spent some time in Cork. One of the meetings I had was with our Congregation Leader, Br Martin Kenneally.
"What's a Congregation Leader?" I hear you say. The Congregation Leader, formerly known as the "Superior General" is the man who has the daunting task of leading the entire Congregation of the Presentation Brothers. The Congregation Leader has a Congregation Leadership Team (CLT) to assist him in this task.
You can read more information about our Leadership structure here.

He is elected by the Brothers at a General Chapter which takes place every six years. Our next Chapter is in the summer of 2011. A Chapter is a gathering of the Brothers and lay colleagues from all over the world. It's serious business. The plans for the coming six years are prayed about and decided on during the Chapter.

Our current Congregation Leader, Br Martin Kenneally, is a former vocations director and he has a great understanding of the challenges which we face. He also has great enthusiasm for promoting religious brotherhood. It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off. We're lucky to have him!

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