Monday, February 7, 2011

F.I.T in Church!

Members of the F.I.T group at a recent meeting.
What supports exist for men and women who are in formation with a religious congregation?

A group of religious women and men have decided to provide that support themselves and have been meeting regularly here in Dublin for the past while.

The group meets to share their experiences, their hopes, struggles and enthusiasm as they journey through their formation process.

Their new blog, Formation, Information, Transformation (F.I.T in Church) contains an impressively worded mission statement:

"Motivated by faith in Christ and the attractiveness of His call we journey in solidarity with each other. For the people of our time this is a radical counter-cultural witness moving from self-centeredness to self-giving, and from self-gratification to self-emptying. Young people are as generous today as in the past in giving their lives to God in the service of others. This life consists not only in a total dedication to prayer but also to an active service of their fellow men and women. Grounded in Christ our self-giving becomes more than a humanitarian outreach, but rather a sharing in the redemptive work of Christ the Redeemer."

Keep an eye on their blog!
F.I.T in Church!

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