Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Switching Continents...

In addition to being the Vocations Director for the Presentation Brothers in Ireland and Britain I'm also a member of the Leadership Team of our Congregation.

The Presentation Brothers live and work in nine countries around the world so this job also involves some travel. I'm currently heading off to visit the Presentation Brothers in North America. We recently opened a second community in Toronto city and a new community in San Antonio, Texas.

The new community in Toronto will serve as a place of Province administration for North America but it will also be a community of welcome for men discerning a religious vocation.

Brother Andrew Saul, from Guyana, made his first profession as a Presentation Brother in 2011. He is a member of that community and is studying in Toronto.
Brother Francis Schafer, a native of Ohio, works in Bereavement Ministry and is responsible for the administration of the Province.
Brother Denis Claivaz is from Montreal and is the Vocation Director. He has special responsibility for human rights and advocacy with the U.N. in Geneva.

The other new community recently opened in San Antonio is home to three Brothers whose ministries are with the poor. They collaborate in mission with the Presentation Sisters.

Brother Raphael Mario Toodle is from the United States, Francis Sebo hails from Liberia and James Needham is Irish. James works in immigration, advocating for the rights of emigrants while Raphael teaches English to emigrant Mexican people. Brother Francis Sebo works with the homeless.

Please keep my visit in your prayers.

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