Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Setting our hand to the plough

The annual Ploughing Championship takes place in Co. Wexford this week. Vocations Ireland will be among the many groups with a stand in the exhibition arena.

Christ actually uses the image of the plough (Lk. 9:62) to make a powerful point about being a disciple.

"No one who sets a hand to the plough and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God."

Jesus is inviting those who wish to follow him to live lives of radical commitment, not concerned with worldy and material posessions - "the things of the world."

He also cautions against looking back. That is certainly of limited use. I often meet men who are discerning their vocation who wonder if they are too old or if they are already too advanced in their chosen career or profession to even consider religious life.

Looking back is of limited value for the Christian mission. It’s better to look at where I’m going in my life at this time.

Look at what's happening in your life right now. The Lord invites us to continual conversion and, conscious of His great love and mercy, to move forward in hope.

If you feel called to a religious vocation, shoot me a note at vocation@PresentationBrothers.org

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