Friday, October 5, 2012

New Novices!

Left to right: Br Barry (our novice master in Killarney), Br Theiva, Br Raj and Br Martin (our Congregation Leader) pictured after the ceremony of reception on the grounds of our novitiate in Kerry.

We had a great celebration at our novitiate in Killarney in County Kerry this week. Two young men, Raj and Theiva who are both from Sri Lanka, took the next step of their vocation journey with the Presentation Brothers.

Raj and Theiva have been doing their postulancy programme over the last few months in Killarney. Postulancy is the first stage of formation and it is a period of about one year in which the man interested in this way of life (known as a "postulant") gets to know religious life a bit better. It also gives the Brothers a chance to get to know the postulant and to judge if he has what it takes to cope with the challenged ahead.

Raj and Theiva both sought to proceed to the next step which is novitiate. This will be a two year programme of prayer and study. It's akin to going out to the desert - away from noise and distraction - and engaging in the serious business of discerning what the Lord is calling one to.

At the end of that step comes First Profession of Vows. You might recall that Callistus and Augustine from Ghana made their First Professions recently in Killarney.

Working with men at this stage of their vocation journey is exciting and enjoyable! For the men who come to us, it's a wonderful experience of self-discovery and of coming to know God more deeply.

I highly recommend it! If it is of interest to you, please let me know! Contact

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