Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Year of Faith begins!

The Year of Faith begins today, Thursday October 11th 2012.

The logo of the Year of Faith (above) is striking. The Church is depicted as a boat traveling on the sea. For those of us who live in the "Western World", the last few years have been particularly stormy. The sail of the boat is based around the cross. That's a reminder to all of us that no matter how choppy the waters are, we are traveling in Christ's boat - he is with us. The sails of the boat are composed of the familiar IHS. These are the first three letters of Jesus' name in Greek (iota (I), eta (H), sigma (S or Σ).

Let's all make a real effort this year to renew and to deepen our faith. You're going to hear a lot about this Year of Faith on this blog in the coming weeks and months - the Presentation Brothers are getting behind it in a big way. I'll be telling you more about what we're doing later. 

If you've been thinking about a religious vocation, now's a good time to go deeper and discern what the Lord is calling you to do.

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