Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blessed be the Wind!

(I read an article on the environment by Lyall Watson recently. The following is an extract from it. I thought I should share it with you)

 Without wind, most of Earth would be uninhabitable. The tropics would grow so unbearably hot that nothing could live there, and the rest of the planet would freeze. Moisture, if any existed, would be confined to the oceans; and all but the fringes of the great continents … would be desert. There would be no erosion, no soil, and for any community that managed to evolve despite these rigours, no relief from suffocation by their own waste products.

 But with the wind, Earth comes truly alive. Winds provide the circulatory and nervous systems of the planet, sharing out energy and information, distributing both warmth and awareness, making something out of nothing.

 All wind’s properties are borrowed. Our knowledge of it comes at second-hand, but it comes strongly. And this combination of a force that cannot be apprehended, but nonetheless has an undeniable existence, was our first experience of the spiritual. A crack in the cosmos that widened to let the tide of consciousness flow through.

 We are the fruits of the wind—and have been seeded, irrigated, and cultivated by its craft.



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