Monday, August 31, 2015

Work, encourage, share…

One of the most awe-inspiring sights of autumn
is that of geese flying in formation, as they play
follow-the-leader and spread out behind that
lone first bird in a V-shape.
It is interesting to learn why they     
do this. As each bird flaps its
wings, the uplift assists the bird
following immediately behind. It is reckoned that
the flock can fly over seventy per cent farther by
helping each other along in this way.
Should one bird fall away from the rest, it quickly
discovers how much harder it is to fly alone and
re-joins the others. When it gets tired the leading
bird will drop back and another will take its place.
The following geese will honk to encourage those
up front to keep up speed. The moral of the story
is to work together more, encourage one another
and share a common purpose like the geese, just
think how much more we could achieve.


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